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What to avoid when buying a Wireless Router?

Helpful hint on what to avoid when buying a wireless router.

iLines Router - Support/Warranty

iLines router support and warranty information.

Login to your iLines router

How to access to your iLines router configuration

Wireless Client List

View currently connected wireless devices.

Wireless/Guest Wireless

Configure wireless settings.

Main Settings Page

Navigating the Main 'Simple' Settings page of your iLines router. Email ending January 1st 2017

Information to help our email customers transition to a new email service.

Online Services Issues

I am having trouble with online gaming or accessing my home network from outside my home.

How ByteSpeed Works.

An Explanation of iLines' ByteSpeed service.

What Speed do I need?

What level of service do I need to use the Internet?

What our Customers say -

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