Coverage Area

iLines offers high-speed wireless Internet service to those living in and around Lebanon IN. Factors, to be eligible for our wireless Internet service include:

  • Must be within 7 miles of a wireless access point. (Actual distance depends on the tower and technology).
  • Must have (LOS) line of sight with a wireless access point.
  • Must meet minimum acceptable signal quality

To determine if you meet any or all of these requirements, please complete the Wireless Site Survey form so that we can send out a technician to complete a site survey of your location.

Site Survey includes:

  • A thorough examination of the location, checking its availablility for wireless service.
  • Wireless Testing may be conducted to ensure that quality service can be provided.

Note This map is to be used as an aid in determining wireless availability, it is not 100% exact. If you are in the coverage area and interested in service, please request a site survey so that further testing may be completed. 

Color Code (Assumes full clear Line of Sight to tower)

Yellow - Signal too weak for service

Orange - Signal may not support all advertised service levels

Red - Strong signal supporting all speeds

Click to view iLines Fixed-Wireless Coverage in a lager map

Coverage Full.PNG

Click to view iLines Wave Coverage in a larger map

Coverage Wave.PNG