Online Services Issues

The radio iLines deploys on your property is essence a single port wireless router.  This means that it is doing NAT (Network Address Translation) of the public IP address to a private IP address which is given to whichever device our equipment is connected to in your house.  If our radio is then connected to a customer owned router you are now more than likely operating behind another NAT.  This is called a double NAT.  

In most circumstances this does not hinder or otherwise cause any issues with normal Internet applications.  However, in some cases this double NAT will break certain applications.  A few examples would be P2P online gaming, home survalence cameras, Webhosting, and Home media servers.

To overcome most issues with a double NAT, iLines needs to make a small configuation change to the wireless radio we deploy at your home.  Please contact us at (765) 482-8881 or via and we will process this change immediately.

If possible please have handy a list of the TCP/UDP ports your application needs for proper operation as it may be needed by our technicians.