iLines Wave Service Now Avaialable!

  • 3-7-2024

iLines new high speed Wave service is now available in select areas of our network.  Details about the Wave service along with coverage maps of the available locations are listed on our Wave service page at the link below.

Prices - Wave

Please check out the Wave service page and the coverage maps to see if you may qualify.


Wave service is now available in the New Brunswick area!  From now until April 30th existing iLines customers in the New Brunswick area can upgrade to Wave for free (normal $60 upgrade fee).  New customers can get a discounted install price of $99.95 (normally $154.95) that includes a free managed wifi router.

To qualify you must be able to get service off the New Brunswick tower and mention the code 'WAVENOW' prior to upgrade or installation.

What our Customers say -

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