Email ending January 1st 2017

In a little less than 1 year iLines will cease all email services only.  You will not be able to send, receive, or otherwise access your email box after January 1st 2017.  This does not in any way affect other iLines Internet services.


During this coming year we recommend our customers do the following.


  1. Create free email account(s) with one of the multitudes of email providers on the Internet.,, are a few examples.
  2. Setup ‘Mail Redirection’ to have new iLines emails messages forwarded automatically to your new email service.  Go to  Under Options->Mail->Redirection enable ‘Redirect mail to:’ and put in your new email address.  Then Click Save at the bottom of the screen.  You may also want to add your iLines email address as a whitelisted or safe sender on your new email service so the forwarded messages do not get blocked.
  3. If there are any existing emails in your mailbox you want to keep, you must manually forward those messages to your new email account or using a third-party email application like Microsoft Outlook to setup POP3 access and download all your emails to a personal computer.
  4. Notify any friends, contacts, businesses or organizations of your new email address.  Change email information with any online accounts like, Banks, or others.
  5. Export your existing contact lists to a Comma Separated File (.csv) for easy importing to your new email account.  Go to  Under Contacts you will find a button.png  button at the bottom of the screen.  This is the Export button and will export all your existing contacts to a .csv file.
  6. Should your email address that is hosted on the iLines email server end in something other than you must contact the company that currently hosts your domain to update your MX, SPF, and DNS records accordingly.