iLines Roadmap: Improvements are Coming!

  • 10-27-2023

At iLines our goal is to provide reliable internet service at a good price with great customer service.  While iLines is not always the fastest service, you can count of us to provide a service that just works with minimal downtime and stable performance via our Traditional Fixed-Wireless platform.

With the expanding needs for internet service over the last 3 years, iLines understands that our customers need more performance.  That is why we are pleased to announce our tentative plans and roadmap for 2024-2025.

Starting around late Quarter 1 and early Quarter 2 of 2024 iLines plans to roll out two new service offerings that will eventually replace our existing Traditional Fixed-Wireless service; Generation 2 and Wave.

All information listed below is tentative and subject to change.

iLines Wave service

This is a high capacity low latency service that is meant to give fiber-optic like performance over wireless.  Wave service when complete will only be available in limited areas due to the equipment requirements for 100% clear line-of-sight to the tower and the limited range (< 1 mile) of the equipment.

More information about tentative speed offerings along with pricing and location availability are listed on the Wave service page. Wave Service Info

iLines Generation 2 Fixed-Wireless

This is a replacement for our Traditional Fixed-Wireless platform.  It will offer much higher speeds and lower latency at the same monthly prices as our Traditional service. The goal is to have this service available at all existing iLines tower locations and for all existing iLines customers. 

Like our Traditional service it will operate at far greater distances than the Wave service and can handle minor obstructions, but still is dependant on line-of-sight.  The various plans offered will each have signal and connection requirements just like the Traditional service.

As Gen 2 becomes available in your area, existing customers will be migrated to the new platform.  An iLines technician will contact each customer to schedule an upgrade and after the upgrade your service plan will automatically migrate to the equivalent Gen 2 plan.

Rollout for this service is still TBD as we are still in the testing phase, but will most likely come no sooner than mid-2024 after the Wave service rollout begins. Full network wide availabilty for Gen 2 may take until late 2025 to be completed.

More information about tentative speed offerings along with pricing and location availability are listed on the Generation 2 Fixed-Wireless service page. Gen2 Service Info

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