ALERT: Major Tower Project

  • 6-4-2021


Starting Monday June 7th and running for around the next 6-8 weeks there will be a crew working on a major resurfacing project on one of the Lebanon Utilities water towers in Lebanon.  This tower is a major site for iLines and relays internet services to around 40% of all our customers.

This tower will be sandblasted and repainted and due to the nature of the work there is a possiblility that equipment may get damaged which could cause outages to parts of our network.  We have taken every precaution possible to make sure this does not happen but with a project of this size, scope, and duration accidents can happen.

Once this project is complete we will not have to worry about anything like this again for this site for another 20-30 years.  We will appreciate your patience as we work to keep your service online as much as possible.

The following tower sites get their internet feed from this tower.

  • Slipher - Hazelrigg area
  • Slipher West - Dover area
  • Herr - 200 E and 600 S in Lebanon
  • Daves - located at Dave's Appliance Repair in New Brunswick
  • Clark - 280 W and 200 S in Lebanon

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