NEWS: New Internet Plans for 2021

  • 5-5-2021

iLines is pleased to announce our new internet package speeds for 2021.  Over the coming weeks customers will see increases to their internet speeds depending on what plan they are currently subscribed to.

While the overwhelming majority of our network is ready to support the new speeds there are a few small areas where some conjestion may occur and limit how much of the new speeds clients can see.  We are aware of those areas and continue to work over the summer and fall months to bring those areas up to our performance standards.

Due to the need for faster speeds we felt it was better to implement the new speeds now as it benefits the majority of our clients instead of holding everyone back until all areas of the network were ready.


New Internet Plans:

ResidentialPriceMaximum DL/UL
Standard $39.95 5Mbps/3Mbps
Professional $49.95 10Mbps/3Mbps
Commercial PriceMaximum DL/UL
Home Business  $69.95 15Mbps/4Mbps
Standard Business $89.95 25Mbps/5Mbps



While these changes do apply network wide there are a minority of our clients who will not be able to take advantage of all our new plans.

  • The iLines equipment at your home has not or cannot be upgraded.
  • You are on a Non-Line-of-Sight service to the tower.
  • Your connection to the tower is below acceptable levels due to distance, tree growth, interference, or other issues. 

If the above applies to your service, you may not see the new speed increases, and your plan may be limited to match your connection quality.

If you are a customer whose connection is limited due to weak signals or lack of Line-of-Sight to our towers, please contact us and we can setup a free site survey to see if there is anything that can be done to get you a better connection.

What our Customers say -

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